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"Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo"(BPPV) is a condition affecting the Labyrinth of the ear which is responsible for balance. The treatment for this condition is called the Epley Maneuver.

The symptoms of BPPV include dizziness or vertigo (room spinning), lightheadedness, imbalance and nausea. Activities which bring these symptoms on will vary in each person, but the symptoms are almost always precipitated by a position change of the head with respect to gravity (getting out of bed, bending down, turning, etc).

This condition is caused by debris (sometimes called "ear rocks" or "canaliths")which have collected within a part of the inner ear. Chemically, canaliths are small crystals of calcium carbonate. The maneuvers move these ear rocks out of the sensitive, back part of the ear, to a less sensitive part, abolishing the symptoms in over 90% of cases. 

It has been demonstrated that some 50% of the population will suffer from this condition, at some time in their lives but the cause is not yet clear.

Treatment  for this condition is called the Epley Manoever.

An average of only three treatments are typically needed to clear the symptoms. Because the treatment is a Physiotherapy technique, it is therefore covered by most extended health care plans.

It is very important to get early treatment since prolonged suffering usually causes additional problems such as undesirable lifestyle changes and depression. We have been having phenomenal success with this technique and have been able to help people who have been suffering for years and who had almost given up hope that any treatment would help


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